Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parenting Tips

On the way to school my kids and I listen to the radio. The regular radio... not the Disney station or some annoying version of kids singing pop songs. That's right, my kids go to school singing Katy Perry, and I'm totally one with it. This usually works out fine; mommy stays sane, and sometimes there are some amusing lyrics and dance moves in the back seat. Today could have been a parenting DISASTER (probably) but my mad parenting skills turned it into a teachable moment (this is what I'm telling myself, anyways).

The song "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon came on the radio. I really like this song, and didn't really think much about it. I mean, there aren't really swears in it. I was smacking the steering wheel, totally into the song. I mean, if his sex is on fire, more power to him, right?

Wyatt: "Mom, why is this guys number six on fire?"

Alright, so maybe it wasn't solely my awesome parenting that avoided the disaster, but rather Wyatt's inability to hear vowel sounds properly.

Me: "Because he was playing with matches. Even after his mom told him not to. And now he's in jail and has time to write this song."

Wyatt: "Really?"

Me: "Seriously."

Teachable moments, people. Not only did I avoid the sex talk, I threw in a little fire prevention. I think I deserve a chocolate croissant.


Erin said...

Why did you feel the need to mention chocolate croissants?! Damn you, Jen, now I want one...

Sarah said...

I love your parenting skills. TEACH ME, OH WISE ONE.

Seriously though. Seamus already asks HOW babies get in their mom's tummies and crap. I refuse to do the "special hug" thing, but then WTF do I do?! haha

Rachelle Lopez said...

I found your blog from our 265 class and all I can say is GENIUS! You found a friend in me..or actually..I found an ally in you! You make me feel good about all my parenting skills that make most ponder why on Earth I was allowed to have children...eh...:)