Thursday, December 2, 2010


Caffeine makes me sell things on Craigslist and ebay, apparently (coffee + coke = pure motivation). I get all worked up and motivated to finally take pictures and list the giant piles of crap that I should sell rather than trash (which is what I was verging on doing). Coffee and two coke zeros later I'm uploading photos and returning emails.

However, three important things happened today that make me think maybe I should take a break from caffeine (and liquidating our junk). First, I sent this email to a prospective buyer:

Me: "So, you can buy this DVD player but you have to meet me at a Starbucks because it is like a public place and junk. Also, I need some coffee, so I can kill lots of birds with one DVD player. So I'll see you in a bit, and please don't be a serial killer/rapist/criminal of some sort. K?"`

Second, I left this voice mail for my husband:

 Me: "Hi, honey. I think I just sold your DVD player for 4 lbs of Starbucks Christmas blend. I love you, call me later."

(After selling said DVD player, I went in to Starbucks and they were having a 2 for 1 sale. Thus, I spent all of the earnings on Christmas blend. I think this was a totally reasonable thing to do).

Third, I totally wrapped a paintball gun up in trash bags and paper towels at the post office and then stuck it in a box. Because I'm not making money if I spend tons on packaging materials, right? And I can't have the paintball gun slamming around in the box because then the post office will think I'm shipping a fire arm. So now some kid in Missouri is going to open the box and be confused as to why his paintball gun is wrapped in trash bags and paper towels. Sorry, kid. It is because I had a lot of caffeine today. That's why. 

In conclusion, I should cut down in caffeine. But now I have 4 lbs of Christmas blend. It's a vicious cycle...

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