Sunday, November 28, 2010

Losing one's head in Costco

Sometimes I often wonder what is actually going on in the heads of my children; then they'll usually say or do something that reminds me that I really don't want to know. Today in Costco (in the milk aisle) was one of those moments.

Levi: "Wyatt, what happens if I lose my head?"

Wyatt: "Well, you'll probably die. Jesus only gives you one head."

Levi: "So, it won't grow back?"

Wyatt: "No, only sea stars can grow new heads. So you better not lose yours.

Levi: "Awe, man. I wish I could grow a head like a sea star."

Wyatt: "Sea stars are awesome. They can lose their heads or arms whenever they want."

Me: "Seriously guys? This is what you are talking about in Costco? The possibility that you might lose your head? How could that ever even happen?"

(At this point passersby start to stare)

Wyatt: "Oh, it could happen, Mom."

Levi: "Yeah! I'm not losing my head, though."

Me: "How much thought have you given to the possibility that you might somehow lose your head?!?"

Wyatt: "A lot, mom. A lot."

So while I am fighting crowds in Costco to buy eggs, milk, and bread in bulk my kids are worrying about what would happen if they were to ever somehow misplace their heads. People are walking by fighting over bulk mayonnaise (gross) and samples, and Wyatt and Levi are discussing dismemberment and regeneration. Because what is everyone in Costco secretly worried about? Misplacing their heads. At least according to my kids.

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