Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is that...?

Apparently one (or both) of my kids have hidden poop (or something with poop on it) somewhere in my house. I don't know where, but I'm confident this is true because of this interaction:

Me (starting at stain on the carpet, most likely from the dog): "Is that POOP?"

Wyatt (running in from another room): "It was Levi!"

Levi (following Wyatt): "Wyatt made me do it!"

Me: "Wait a minute. One of you rubbed your bottom on the carpet? Because I was pretty sure this was Lola's fault."

Wyatt (looking at the stain): "Oh. Yeah, that's Lola."

Me: "What were you guys talking about?"

(Both boys stare at me as though I am speaking Swahili)

Me: "What did Wyatt make you do, Levi? What were you guys talking about when I started screaming about poop?"

Wyatt: "Huh?"

Levi: "There's poop on the tarpet!"

Me: "No, I'm fairly certain that you guys are involved in a poop cover up. There's poop somewhere else in the house, isn't there?"

Wyatt: "Nope."

Levi: "There's poop on the tarpet!"

I could have pressed further, but to be honest cleaning up one poop mess for today seems like enough. They may have think I've let it go, but I'm well aware that there is a poop conspiracy afoot. Stay tuned...

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