Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snoop Dogg

Wyatt was going through his massive bag of Valentines making sure that he had eaten every last conversation heart and lollipop. Suddenly Wyatt came running into the room yelling about a card... Which was odd, considering he doesn't even care about the cards, but more so the taped on candy pieces.

Wyatt: "Mom! Someone gave me a Snoop Dogg card!"

Me: "WHAT?"

My mind began racing. Does Snoop Dogg make Valentine cards? What would they even say? I was picturing pot leaves, bikinis, maybe even a bong? Or maybe it says something like, "Drop it like it's hot on Valentine's Day!" Seriously, do they check the cards before the let the kids pass them out? My only hope was that it was at least 'radio edited' Snoop Dogg. I'm alright explaining what Compton or the LBC is, but I'm really not ready to explain pimpin'.

Wyatt: "See? Look! Snoop Dogg!"

Me: "Wyatt, that's SNOOPY. SNOOPY! Not Snoop Dogg."

Wyatt: "Oh. What's the difference?"

Me: "Well... I don't even know where to begin really. Just, it's Snoopy. Trust me."

How do you begin to explain the difference between "Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me" and "No Dogs Allowed"? I'm not sure. Crisis semi-averted... for now.

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Erin said...

I shudder to admit that I shared Wyatt's confusion when I first learned about Snoop Dogg... and I was FAR nearer to adulthood than he is. I remember thinking, "Is 'Snoop Dogg' just a nickname for Snoopy?"